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Natural healing practice Schröder in Dortmund

Supportive and healing for the body, soul and spirit

For all your needs and conditions related to your health, body, feelings and thoughts – we, as a competent natural healing practice in Dortmund, are here for you holistically.

"Here I am man, here I am entitled to be."

We will help you all the way: with supporting, healing and teaching.


  • our health, well-being and fitness
  • Maintaining and improving your capacities and medical prevention
  • More harmony, fulfilment and success – personally, privately and in your work
  • Mastering life situations
  • Your "being centred" - your deepened sense of meaning
  • More inner peace and serenity - "the deceleration"
  • Your psychological stability, your means of improved handling of sensitiveness
  • Higher levels of concentration and learning capability at school or during your studies
  • Your preparation for exams
  • Ability to enjoy life
  • Feeling good and free
  • Starting-up again in the prime of life

Individual sessions - individual lessons:

Individual and intense, time specifically catered to your needs for the areas:

  • Therapeutic treatment
  • Coaching
  • Psychological guidance / Holistic guidance
  • Therapeutic hypnosis / Hypnosis
  • Relaxation and motivation therapy
  • Stimulation and regeneration of health
  • Metabolic regulation

Groups: courses, seminars and seminar trip

Scope for a broad spectrum of activities and experience as well as the opportunity to train and support independence.

  • The secrets of inner healing powers (development of self-healing powers)
  • Personality development
  • Autogenic training - holistic therapeutic relaxation
  • Autogenic training for children
  • Mental training – selective handling of the power of thought
  • Motivation - self-motivation
  • Meditation

The topics of the group offers can also be arranged as individual appointments.