Individual appointments
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Individual appointments

I would be happy to offer you, your family, your partner or your relatives a personal individual appointment.

Appointments by arrangement (also home visits).

All conversations held at our practice or personal data transferred is treated strictly confidentially and subject to professional discretion.

Therapeutic treatment and healing therapy

In therapeutic treatment and healing therapy, the entirety of the person with spirit, soul and body is observed in order to consequently apply the personally tailored therapy in the salutary deep relaxation which is best suited to helping the person return to more vitality, health, wellness, well-being, strength and success. Your sleep will improve.

Intellectual optimism and inner harmony will return. In particular, treatment of the metaphysical intellectual means of healing activates your self-healing strength and stimulates special health and vital forces. The participant is also provided with exercises which can be applied at home and promote the positive effects.

Psychological guidance/Coaching

Psychological guidance and coaching

This individual guidance covers all areas of personal, private, vocational and business life with the objective of seeing more clearly on a holistic basis and developing more harmony, peace, well-being, health and success.

In a targeted and competent manner, we deal with the individual situation and the respective happenings in order to find a good, fast solution. You will learn to develop new perspectives for the further journey through your life and are shown supporting measures..

Hypnosis - Therapeutic hypnosis

Hypnosis is a valuable method to solve different problems or challenges at a physical, mental or intellectual level.

Hypnosis puts the person into a state which is similar to sleep. In this state, the conscious is receptive for good thoughts which strengthen and support the person. At the same time, the inner personality structure remains unchanged.

Therefore, hypnosis provides everyone the possibility, for example, to bring more joy, health, harmony and success into their lives.

A session takes approximately one hour.

Hypnosis carried out at our practice is subject to the official hypnosis guidelines.

Stimulation and regeneration of health

  • Health training attuned to the personality
  • Maintenance and improvement of capacity
  • Gentle regulation and harmonisation of the psyche
  • Reinforcement of the immune system and respiratory system
  • Harmonisation of the metabolism
  • Individual dietary advice
  • Removal, regeneration and regulation, for example of weight

Please let us know your wishes.